Company Profile

New Pak S.r.l. was founded in 2005 and in few years has become one of the most known packaging company in the field of tea and infusion products on behalf of third parties, and is now a leader for tea and herbal infusions manufacturers, both in Italy and abroad.

The nonstop search for quality and the use of state-of-the-art technology represent the real strength of New Pak, which counts among its clients some of the leading international brands of tea and infusions.

Situated in the countryside of Mordano, near important motorways and near the growing city of Bologna, it is a strategic point of the Italian and international food processing market. New Pak is nowadays an established manufacturer with about 25 employees.

New Pak facilities are appropriate for the packaging of organic and dietary products in accordance with the current regulations. All products are constantly monitored during the productive cycle according to strict controls of the HACCP standards.

Thanks to the great experience of its founder, who has been working in the packaging field for fifty years, New Pak is one of the few Italian companies which can offer not only high quality, but also customized targeted solutions for launching new products in the market, guiding its customers from the choice of blends, printing rollers for outer envelope and tag, cutting die for cartons to the packaging technical specifications.

A well-established partnership with the major international tea and herbal infusion distributors, allows New Pak to supply raw materials like premium tea blends, flavoured tea blends, chamomile and fruit infusions and herbal infusions created according to every customer’s requirement.

Following the recent trend in “natural” looking tea and infusions products, New Pak has been using new technology to package pyramid tea and infusion bags since 2008.

As the company operates in the international market, New Pak has always invested a lot in training for its technical and commercial employees, who have, for example, an accomplished experience in import and export customs procedures in the EU and the USA, guaranteeing customer care in each business stage.