Pyramidal Tea Bags

Glue-Free filter bag.

Packaging options

Step 1 – Choice of filter bag

The first step towards the realization of a carton of tea is the choice of the filter. Pyramid-shape filter bags are the best choice if you wish to maintain intact the leaves or the flowers of infusions and herbal teas. The shape of the filter keeps intact its content, that remains visible to the customer during the infusion.

Step 2 – Heatsealed outer envelope aroma-safe

The second step is to cover the bag with a sealed overwrapping typically printed and customized with graphics of the product to be displayed individually (think of the bars and hotels). The overwrapping sealed, although not mandatory, provides great convenience, greater retention of the aroma in time and a safe protection and food hygiene.

Step 3 – Packing in cartons

The third step is the arrangement of bags, with or without overwrapping, in the carton, you can use cardboard boxes, jars or plastic bags.

Step 4 – Packaging and logistics

The fourth step consists in the insertion of cartons in master cartons suitable for the handling of the product in stock and for the shipment to stores or supermarkets. The arrangement of the master carton is mostly done by hand. It is also available a labeling service with ink-jet printing for customized shipping labels and batch reports.