Filter Bags

New Pak is a young and modern company that stands out in the food market for its dynamism and prompt customer service. New Pak always remains a company child of the tradition that gave its birth, with deep roots in the packaging world.

Growing with this awareness, New Pak has made the packaging of tea and infusion in traditional filter bags the milestone of its success.
Always in the frontline of technology evolution and following the new trends of food market, New Pak has extended its customer service offer with a new generation machine for the packaging of filter bags without metal staple.
Following the recent tea and infusion market trend, that wants to highlight the “NATURAL” aspect of food, since 2008 New Pak has bought a new machine for tea and infusion packaging in pyramidal filter bags.


Double chamber filter bag facilitates a better aroma release.
Traditional filter bag


Can contain big leaf teas and infusions with pieces of fruits and/or flowers.
Pyramidal filter bag